Come, Ye Thankful People

Come, Ye Thankful People

This season’s celebrations feature many enjoyments, but one in particular may often steal the show, and that is FOOD.

If you are one who doesn’t want to miss out on the rite of passage of indulging in many rich recipes the season brings, you can partake in a positive way that leaves you satisfied and happy in hindsight with some of the choices you’ve made.

Converse and connect

Spend time with people. Ask questions of those you haven’t seen, and those you have. What have your family members been up to? Recall the common ground that brought you to the same event for the holiday. Connecting with people, however little or much you meet them throughout the year, is a nice way of celebrating. And you never know when you may impact someone in a positive way.

Fill your plate

Yes, do it. But demonstrate portion control when you scoop up old and new favorites onto your plate. You can sample a bigger variety dishes (and nutrients) that way, and keep a handle on the carb party. Do you have an idea of standard portion sizes for different foods? If not, go here: Each food group gives its recommended portion size in a way you can visualize.

The food is good!

There is a delight we take in trying new dishes, or reconnecting with foods we only have once per year. Gathering with family and friends over food and drink is a beautiful way of celebrating our holidays. Let’s remember that. Rather than mindlessly shoveling in the food from plate to mouth, slow down and notice it. Enjoy the appearance, texture and flavor. If there’s a dish that particularly interests you, take time to show appreciation and discuss it with the one who prepared it (many of the dishes you enjoy take a huge investment in time and money to assemble, so give thanks to the cooks).

Get over it

Move on after the party’s over. Go back to your healthy eating habits (you have some, right?) Use your newfound knowledge on portion control at all your meals, every day, all year long. And if you find yourself munching on fattening leftovers, limit them to one meal a day until they’re gone. The next gathering will be here before you know it. And when it is, repeat all of the above.