Give a gift of good health

Give a gift of good health

As you trudge through your never-ending Christmas list, you probably struggle with the urge to quickly cross off one more name versus the desire to buy a truly thoughtful and unique gift for each and every recipient. Have you considered gifting those on your list with things that can make them healthy? Healthful gifts come in all sizes and costs. So no matter who is on your list, you can delight them with something that nurtures and encourages good nutrition, fitness and vigor. See the following ideas you can easily customize to any recipient.

The nutritive

A gift card to a local health food retailer
This is valuable to someone who shops regularly, but you could also be introducing your recipient to a new world of natural and organic products including foods, beauty products and supplements.

A subscription to a health food or produce delivery service
These types of businesses are quickly becoming a trend. Sign up your person to have healthy foods or products delivered directly to his or her home however often you choose.

A gift card to a restaurant
Choose a locale known for its healthy menu options or locally grown ingredients.

 A gift basket
You can customize a gift box or basket however you choose, with carefully selected healthy products, OR visit your local cost-plus grocery store for fruit baskets made fresh and reasonably priced.

The physical

A store gift card
Sporting goods stores abound, so your recipient should have no problem redeeming a gift card for favorite fitness apparel or gear. And on that note…

Fitness apparel or gear
No matter your budget, you can find clothing meant for nearly all sports and fitness activities. And it seems these days there’s a ton of gear available for every sport out there. A fitness tracker would be very beneficial and a great gift.

A fitness class or membership
Sign someone up for a class you think they would enjoy. Memberships can be purchased at many fitness clubs for a variety of time periods.

Sport lessons
Has someone shown an interest in learning to play or brush up on skills? Sign them up!

Call your local sport clubs to ask if they sell passes or gift cards for games. This would be a fun gift for the golfer on your list.

The stress relieving

Massage and spa services
Do you know someone who could use a treat? Most day spas and salons offer a wide range of services, from facials and wraps to manicure and pedicure options. Give a gift of unwinding and pampering to someone you know who spends their days taking care of others.

Plus, there are so many ways and reasons to indulge this time of year, a gift that supports health and well being could be a surprising breath of fresh air, and a reason for friends and family to look forward to a new year.